mobile spy iphone 6 Plus or samsung galaxy note 7

I read that a phony WhatsApp version was downloaded 1 million times before it was removed. That said, my wife loves her LG G4. Hey JerseyGuy, thanks for the comment! A few things to comment on: First of all, there are a number of phones that will get slower and begin acting up as they get older. It is true that a small percentage of Android phones are running the latest software Oreo , but that is because of carriers, not because of Google Android.

Also, the back button on my Android is one of my favorite things as well. I would definitely agree! Hey Peter! Yeah, the Pixel 2 is another very solid choice when it comes to Android phones. Since Google are the ones behind the Android code, Pixel owners will get the latest and greatest software first which is always nice!

Really appreciate this article. Apple has done two major things in my history as a customer with them that have severely affected my trust. The first was many years ago when they released an update that they new would essentially destroy my iPhone functionality. When I went to the store the representative feigned confusion about the problem and swept it under the rug by first looking up my account and discovering that yaaayy!

I was eligible for an upgrade. I could get the latest iPhone right then and there. I was so disgusted but I had no other option. I was furious with them for a long time. The second thing was When they recently admitted that they have been deliberately slowing down the performance of older model iPhones so that customers would by the latest phones coming out. I am very excited about it!

Thank you!!! Hey Amy! All it takes is one really bad experience in order for a customer to leave a company based on something they did! I have had plenty of frustrations with Apple myself in the past, and is one of the main reasons I stay loyal to Android phones now. Also, I agree that it was ridiculous when Apple admitted that they purposely slowed down older phones so people would upgrade. So immoral. Good luck in your Android search! Except of course that Apple never did slow down iPhones to make people upgrade. Feel free to back up your claims to the contrary. In other words: change your old battery for a new one and you will see improved voltages.

The article you linked mentions several times that Apple admitted to slowing down older iPhones. I agree that lithium ion batteries will slowly lose a percentage of their original capacity — that is a known fact. Honestly, I think those three buttons are what makes using android phones way easier. Plus, u can both use fingerprint and facial recognition on Samsung s8 while u can only use face ID on iPhone X. I have used both iphone and android. Now I love to use android just because of external sd card and more efficient data for example: facebook app is just only 50MB in android but in iphone it boasted to MB.

Hi Agung, I agree. Being able to use an external SD card on some Android phones is a huge advantage and is cost-effective whereas Apple charges way too much to upgrade the internal storage. Hi Trinity, I would check with whoever your carrier is to see any phone specials they currently have going on. Usually carriers have some good specials over the holidays! I have been using Iphones for the last 10 years or so and have always enjoyed using them.

My main complaint is the limited durability. Should I expect an android phone to do better in that regard? Hi Dub! I feel like many phones slow down over time — they just get bogged down and the battery loses a chunk of its original capacity which makes the phone need to be charged more often. Also, if you do go the Android route, I would definitely suggest a Galaxy phone over a Blackberry. Apps in ios are not as feature rich as compared to Android. This is something definitely a propaganda fanboy comment.

Also most apps are laggy in ios when compared to android. This is not when Android was still not mature. All those app related complaints are not valid anymore. Now apps in android look far more beautiful than in ios. No quick charge. Even though battery is small it takes near to 2 hrs to charge completely. You have to swipe one by one which is painful. This is no brainer for android users 7. No back button. Back button is very useful if you watch youtube videos in youtube app 8. Even almost at the same price point android phones are far lighter with extra features like expandable storage, extra sims, headphone jack, nfc , wifi direct, water proof, etc… 9.

Apple ios upgrades are as worse as android upgrades. As explained earlier this is not the year , so people should stop complaining related to older android issues. All those have been sorted out. Now all decent companies like asus, oneplus, Samsung, Moto, xiaomi, google pixel, lenovo, etc… are providing guaranteed 3 year upgrade program.

I also have one plus 3t released with marshmallow I am on latest stock android firmware i. Retina display is now retro, if you look carefully full hd videos look pixelated even on highend iphones. Most android phones in same of less price range offer a good screen resolution with dpi even closer to Not a good value for money. Most people use iphone only as a status symbol. We humans think that quality comes with a price but this is not true for apple. When it comes to Apple there is a mass propaganda to promote its products because apple is really good in marketing.

Thanks for the great comment! You make a lot of really good points. I agree that Android has matured very nicely and the latest version is fully-featured and stable. The back button on Android is one of my favorite things. Anyway, I really appreciate the insightful comment. Thanks again! Nice article. Very informative. Have had a s7 edge for 6 months and love it. Plus with android phones you can connect to pc via usb and transfer files over. With iOS that iCloud bullshit. Hi Akii! Wonderful post. Very informative and logical without any prejudice. Loved it. Btw I am currently using Note 3 and have been an Android user since years.

Thinking of buying a new phone. Never used an i phone but considering on trying one. Although i am sceptical. What would you suggest would be better between iphone 6 and samsung C9? Hi Liz! I would probably suggest a Samsung Galaxy S7 instead rather than the C9. The Galaxy S7 is a lot better than the iPhone 6. However, the Galaxy S8 is currently out will be more pricey than the S7 , and the Galaxy S9 will be released probably early Androids has more choice into it and expandable storage and Android could take over Apple soon when Android has enough money because iPhones only sold over million but Android it been sold over 2 million androids.

Thanks for the comment, Steve! I believe you just have a lot more customization options and can do more things with Android software compared to iOS. I really loved this it helped me with my debate Android is better than Apple thanks ill give this website a shout out! Thanks was really helpful. Do you even know about technology? Can you be more specific about what android and iPhone you were using? Hi George! What are you wondering about the Google Pixel?

They seem to love them! I do not hate Apple or think they have bad products, but I do think they are over priced and most the people commenting against android are spoiled 12 year olds who have their parents buy their phones, or they bought an apple phone because it was more popular INSTEAD of going out and searching all the phones and comparing how good they were, because if you do tha, I can garauntee that you will end up with an android as the best one.

Apple is very good, and that is why it is popular, but if you search harder and compare then you can find an even better android. You forgot rooting vs. I have to agree that iPhones are easier to use. I use iPhones on the past. Nevertheless, my last 3 phones use the Android operating system, Why did I change. Being an Apple user in the past, left me with a bad perception of a good product in the hands of a company trying to make a killing on the end user. Thanks for all your good comments. First of all I would like to ask why you are comparing apples with bananas iPhones vs Andriod Andriod is software, apples iPhones are… well …hardware.

So if you wish to compare iOS vs Andriod be my guest. Furthermore the comparison should be labeled apple vs everything else. As you refer to multiple devices that uses the android OS. Apple does more with its hardware overall as opposed to specialized areas like android devices, App Store? Please google play is a joke with most of its apps requesting unnecessary rights to your info and bombard you with ads. With freedom comes a price, your data. All I see from this article is where you assume its better based by the pamphlet you read. How informed are you with this article exactly?

Hi Sam, thanks for your comment. There are other things to keep in mind, though, such as the fact that a phone like the Galaxy S8 has a Quad HD screen and the GPU of the phone has to push 4x the amount of pixels than an iPhone would, which naturally slows the phone down more. However, users also get one of the most beautiful screens on the market with their phone, so there are always trade-offs here and there. Also, have you ever developed an Android app before? Pingback: Android who? Robyn Eirist. I agree I have many phone a two iPhone cause one broke so only one now but I have androids to and I have more androids over apple why bigger more choices and bigger selections on cases and phone layout I totally agree battery life is equal but I love all my devices but android most likely is the best cause there just more choices.

The iPhone got a fingerprint scanner on the 5s, the the next Samsung got one. Apple also does not have some extreme commercials that directly aim at Thebes competition. This has happened less, but in old ones, they are so common that there are sometimes errors. For example, a Galaxy Tab commercial compared it to the iPad Air, when, if you looked closer, it was actually an iPad 3rd or 4th generation.

Again, some of these facts are very true and helpful, but maybe acknowledging the other side could help people understand more. Thanks for your insight, Aidan! I actually hope to create an article in the future highlighting the advantages of iPhones over Android phones. Hopefully an article like that would help people understand both sides better! I agree. That was by far the worst argument. For years Android devices have had better technical hardware, but because of the less fragmentation, or variety, is why iPhones have always been the fastest.

There are so many factors that go into how fast or slow a phone runs rather than just internal hardware. Also, multi-threaded actions on an Android phone blow iPhones out of the water.

Mobile spy iphone 6 vs galaxy note 8

Appreciate the comment! I totally disagree with this. A couple of years ago i used to buy android phones but whenever i filled the memory or RAM the phones stucks damn so much that i have to pull out the battery and re-insert. Anyways an iPhone is mch better than a creepy android phone.

The main problem with android is it keep uses the device storage by itself and keeps the misc files which i never copied or downloaded. And the background apps keep using ram idk why is 4gb of ram in a phone. I mean where is that 4gb of ram is using? Apple can do anything. I feel safe with iPhone, i know my data is backedup itunes icloud.

Where android has only customizations nothiny else. A specs like more than a gaming pc but nothing. I bet you guys if its Samsung galaxy s8 plus i copy my all msgs the messages app will not open i have tested this with s7edge Sooo… iPhone hats off to you. Have you heard of cloud storage? Also, having that many text messages and pictures on your phone has nothing to do with RAM, it affects your physical internal memory.

First of all apple has apple pay. Apple is really a better product they make macbooks Laptop The phones are also alot thinner I have android but am moving on to a apple. I have used both iphones and Androids. Both have their own advantages and Disadvantages. But in many ways Android rules. I used a Samsung S3 before. I own a iphone SE now and want to switch back to Samsung. Thinking of getting a Samsung S7 Edge.

I hope Samsung is going to launch S8 soon. Do you think S8 is a worthy upgrade to S7? The Samsung S8 is out! Due to my contract with my cell provider, I am planning to wait for the S9 to upgrade from my S7. Hi, I agree with most, but I am still thinking that in overall iphone is still better somehow. I always have had a samsung galaxy twice a s2 and now a s5 and I want to upgrade, and I am seriously thinking about upgrading to an iphone 7. The thing is my husband never has any of these problems which you do get with android and a better privacy protection with apple But it is a difficult choice as I do like the google store and other options.

Years ago I had an iPod and an iTunes account. IPod was stolen and I was told I could transfer my purchased music to my 7edge Samsung. Is that possible??? Is there a similar Android app that has the variety of music that iTunes has currently??? Android wins hands down.

Go search Youtube….. If u argue…. Qualcomm made the words first 5G Soc. So telling that Appe chips are better that their Android Counterpart seems like a joke.. In my opinion Android is shit, no updates to software, unfriendly, or I should say unsatisfying user interface. The look and feel of android is kinda disgusting when compared to in my opinion a superior operating system which is iOS. There is no advantage by choosing android really, ios offers the same things and does a better job.

Only thing android has going for it is budget cell phones that have poor hardware and a maximum of 8GB storage. Different people have different opinions as you made very clear with your own opinions , and some people might like to customize how their home screen looks to make it their own. Why not give users the option to customize it if they would like? Make sure your points are valid before posting. Man that was a lot of reading!

mobile spy iphone 6 vs galaxy note 7

I have read this amazing detailed article and all of its comments. The way you completely demolished any negative or misinformed person on the matter I say Sir was very entertaining! The way you cut them down to size with facts was awesome! I currently own an IPhone 6 Plus and have owned the 2g, 3gs, and the 4s.

Literally have always owned an iPhone. Most of the time for tweaking purposes have been jail broken. However in the recent years it has been getting harder to do and seeming pointless to do so. Tweaks are getting harder to get, coders have left, and updates very rarely come up etc. Here are my worries. I really do appreciate this very informative article.

Just wish it would help me decide on whether I stay iPhone user or try something new and go android thx! If you take the latest iPhone the iPhone 7 and the latest flagship Android phones Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, etc , real-world tests will show some differences between the phones, yes. The iphone is not user friendly.

There is no provision for exporting your contacts to a cvs file or to microsoft outlook. With windows phone dying I have to pick an android or iPhone. Without a doubt windows interface since windows 8 is better than both android or iPhone. Windows phone failed for different reasons. I looked at android phones a couple years ago. It sucked. I only saw a cluttered screen with every possible color in the world jammed in the home screen. I used briefly a couple android tablets. Felt like junk. IPhone I used superficially. Interface was better than android.

And that reason itself killed android from my list. Who said too many choices is a good thing. Every choice is a set of varied parameters that needs to be weighed in before making a decision. A single choice that has been used, tested and established by a large number of user base over years seems like a better deal to me. IPhone did that. There has to be stuff backing it. Hardware is always ahead of software in recent years. Software that works consistently, gets updated frequently and has clean user interface is all that matters. I am yet to test both phones but I am leaning towards IPhone.

And I have never used an apple or android product ever. Only DOS and windows since To each their own — but thanks for your insight! I do use an iPad at work and really enjoy it. I absolutely love the Nova Launcher! The Swype keyboard is a must. God bless wacom. Back button is great too. One feature of iPhones that I found interesting was the ability to make calls over WiFi. Is this a real thing?

Thanks for the article. Wi-Fi calling has been a thing for some time now. Anyway, thanks for the comment! This was as of January Anyway, good piece, really informative. Chapeau for the outstanding article! I must say, yours is probably the best comparison article I have ever come across. Thank you for your detailed info regarding the two systems and I must say although I have never owned an apple phone myself I do quite agree with all your points, being from experience of seeing my friends using the iPhone.

Another thing I realized about these iPhone users is that as soon as Apple announce a new launch, everyone goes crazy to upgrade their phones! Just to give a rough idea of what sort of person I am, I once owned a Samsung Galaxy Wonder and I used it for more than 3 years until the battery was practically bloated. The system crashed a lot and the lag is terrible, but I honestly loved it. This being said, I never understood the hype of why Apple users seem to always want to buy new products as soon as they launch. Even the newly converted android-to-apple users seem to join in the craze.

I am currently using a Samsung Note 3 bought in and I find that this phone absolutely lovely. With the multitasking ability at that point was rather new , large screen, great camera resolution and ability to write notes by hand, for me it totally overruled the then newest iPhone. I love how I am able to customize my phone to my liking which in my opinion helped me prioritize the things I want to be able to see and use via widgets and shortcuts which is a lacking feature in iPhone. I live among android users and the idea of forgetting my charging cable and suffering for the rest of the day is why I prefer the universal android charging cable.

Even so, many people including my boyfriend are trying to persuade me to get an iPhone. That is how i got here. And I really thank you again for your excellent article for giving me the basic insight regarding the difference of the two. I am now considering buying the iPhone 7 for myself and I might even change my current phone to the Galaxy S7 Edge simply to get a first-hand experience. I agree with your points, but I really dont think either one is inherently better than the other.

I have personally had both and switched back and forth constantly. I find that apple has the much better app store and its an overall very simple experience. I love the big screen of most android phones and how cheap you can get some big screened phones, but as someone who wants a simple streamlined experience, im going to stick with apple, for now.

Very good article outlining differences between apple and Android. I myself have been a long time iPhone user, but I recently switched to a Samsung s7 and will never go back. The only problem I have with this article is that it says the Samsung s7 has an IR blaster as a feature, which it does not have. Sad because I thought this would be handy if I lose the remote and want to use my TV without tearing through the living room looking for it. Hey Hunter, thanks for the comment! Also, great catch on the IR blaster detail! I have updated the article to reflect that change.

I do appreciate the information you gave me is I am not a high-tech person either. And I wish I could just keep it because I like it and not have to buy a new phone. It keeps shutting itself ,so I turn it back on, and it keepsturning itself back off again.

Phone Comparisons: Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus | Android News

If I leave it off a couple hours I can turn it back on and it will stay on and I can use it again. The gentleman at the second store said that this will start to happen after a few years with an Android phone. The software cannot keep up with all the new updates. They are very expensive. I do like what smartphones offer , I use it a lot. I thought about switching to the iPhone. I understand that you have to buy most things for an iPhone. And I like being able to download CDs on my Droid without having to pay for it all over again. So I am debating about what to do. Any info any advice you offer is appreciated.

Hi Kathy! Although you are seeing that problem with your S4, iPhones will suffer from that same problem as well. Hopefully that info helps! For a non-tech person would it be better to buy somewhat lower end phones, either brand, but buy a new phone more often? Excluding that Apple no longer gives a headphone jack. Apple and Jobs were the underdog and apparently Apple is the underdog again or on the way to it.

The pro to android with customizations and lauchers is good because you can change the look of your phone to the way you like. One huge negative aspect of this however is that NONE of the lauchers for android and customizations actually look good. And one big thing about the hardward.

This article is like alot of ignorant fanboy android users they think on paper android devices outshine iphones however in real life tests iphones out perform android just take a look at speed tests where users lauch cpu intensive games iphone launches way quicker. Check out also geek bench test scores iphone 7 plus way better scores than your samsung s7 edge and pixel xl phones. So I would just get the facts checked out straight first before you post about hardware.

If you look at some of the screenshots I have on this article, one of the side by side screenshots is using the Nova launcher for Android. I would take that look times out of times over iOS. At least with Android you can customize whatever launcher you want. As far as real life speed tests, etc. Is your average user going to care that when you open 12 full blown games in a row on a phone, that the iPhone opens them in total a few seconds faster than an Android? Because no user opens that many full blown games back to back.

They just do those tests for benchmarks. Much better picture quality and beautiful screens compared to iPhones. But, please make an article regarding the pros of Apple. I really want to know the limitations of both the platforms. Hey Ashwin! Thanks for your comment. I actually do plan on eventually coming out with an article stating the pros of iPhones over Androids.

Thanks for the suggestion! I have to say i have use both of android and ios ipod, iphone, ipad2, ipad mini. I totally agree with this article that you can get more customization on android. Some will feel that iphone is faster than android. It is true if u compare a dollar iphone with the mid-range android or the bad high-range android i mean it is a bad optimization software like Z2 in the price range. Ps apologize for my bad english, as it is not my native language.

Thanks for your comment! I have no idea why Apple got rid of the headphone jack. It baffles me. Great and very true article. I find it a mistake that you compared the s6 plus to the s7 edge instead of the s6, that made apple look better than they are… even though it still made them look bad lol. The s6 has a horrible mAh and the edge has Even the iPhone 7 will only have , and the 7 plus about Theyre finally behind and will stay behind forever now in all aspects. I will be updated some information in my article soon about the iPhone 7 that was just released.

Getting rid of the headphone jack, for instance, was a major mistake. Actually android is better than iphone because you cannot even access files and android is customizable non like iphone that depends on the ios for me that sucks and you cannot even expand the storage non like android and just to access files on iphone we need a computer non like android we can just access the files directly, we all know that android is cheaper than iphone but you cannot get these futures on an iphone.

If you have to insult iPhone user that tells me who the fool really is. I am one of those 2 phone people, who separated my personal phone from my work phone because one day I will part with my company and have to turn my phone in. There are a few things about Android phones that I love. Widgets are also much better with Android. They just work better. BUT, short of those 2 minor things, the user experience is waaaaayyyy better on iOS. The layout is better, notifications are better, apps are better, memory management is much better, it is faster, and battery life is better.

You folks who look at spec. Be happy with your Android device if you want to sit on the side of specs, but you have an inferior device. Thanks for the reply Tom! I would have to disagree that notifications are better in iOS. Thanks Tom. Thanks for the helpful info on androids! Very useful information. This makes iPhone users jealous. And Can you please write an article about the best android phone brands? There are a number of good companies out there that make great phones that run Android. How did you come up with that thought, greedy?

Though you may disagree with their choice tey like their device it pleases them, not any different than you choosing your phone device of choices. Also, explain the scarcity of up to date applications and lack of applications. Years ago the Mac did not have all the apps Windows did, but that is now not an issue. Here is a thought, it is the app manufacture that determines if they will write the app not the phone vender.

Be aware that many software vendors are putting their apps online being used in a browser, vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, the list goes on, thus their apps are browser based not OS based. Also, calling folks a fool does not have you come across too good. By the way it is spelled iPhone, and check your grammar. Once you stop having that amount of free memory available, performance starts suffering. Just look at the Note 7 being destroyed by real life speed tests with a phone that was put out by Apple almost a year prior. I like both phones very much, however my iPhone always performs better, gets updated faster, resells for a lot more money when I decide to sell it, etc.

I think they both perform very well. It is unfortunate that Android updates take so long to push out because of the carriers.

Mobile spy iphone 6s Plus vs galaxy s8

Thanks for your input! If something is good, then use it. Incorporate it, make it worth the while. Blatant plagiarism is one thing, but features? Plethora of physical designs, boot up, etc. So where you begin with your disclaimer… It sorta loses a lot of merit when you say things like that. The hardware comparison seemed a bit odd to. Can you do some research into that? I disagree with your software comment. You can throw hundreds of gigs of ram into hardware, if the software is sloppy no amount of hardware will save it. I think solid benchmark testing is going to be what really determines this.

Boot up times, stress multi tasking, run loads, etc. Hardware is cool…. I did think there were some solid points though on the universal connector. All in all a decent opinion column, but it felt like it lacked in objectivity and facts. If Apple is copying features from Android phones, those companies must be doing something right. Not to mention the countless court cases that have gone back and forth between Apple and other companies such as Samsung. I would like to do some more research with benchmark numbers. I have looked briefly at benchmark numbers in the past.

I know as far as multitasking goes, Android phones really reign supreme with their 4 and 8-core processors. However, single threaded tasks seem to be quicker on iPhones. You just get a lot more hardware for less money when you buy an Android phone in general, not always. Thanks so much for creating this article! I agree with the stats you posted here. But what about the fact that android allocates a maximum ram of 48 MB per app where as IOS can provide MB per its applications? Infact there is no clear memory limitation in IOS. May be that is the reason IOS apps are far ahead when it comes to quality and performance?

That will explain the benchmark results despite the fact that android devices have a better configuration on paper. What is the point of having huge configuration values when apps cannot utilize the same? Also dont forget the fact that to get an app in the app store the strict approval process takes about 2 weeks where as play store has no approval process at all.

This article shows that how much you hate apple for doing so good in market. I suggest you to accept the fact instead of blaming others. It shows how much I hate Apple for doing so good in the market?

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Yeah, about that…. I used Samsung S4 previously. Like storing any documents. To attach something to your email you have to get it from cloud or some shit. After compromising, it sucks to get phone call. Just goes to voicemail. I thought T mobile network is bad.

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When I tried my sim in Motorola I was getting calls. I switched to Verizon now. But it just goes to voicemail sometimes.. Lot of butt hurt isheep commenting. One of my big beefs with Apple is longevity. For example, my iPhone 4S sucks wind. Sure, hardware is everything, but the operating system can make it into a retard. I have felt that as well. As I mentioned in my article, I use an iPad at work. It still works fine, but people are constantly updating their apple phones and tablets.

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Even Verizon has teamed up with Apple to offer their customers to get a new phone every year that they release a new one. What happened to just keeping your phone for at least a couple years? Fragmentation my friends. A third of Android users are running software that is multiple years old. My friend has a Droid Mini running 4. That being said, yea, after a few years, a phone running software released 3 years after its production date will not run as fast as if it kept its original software. I appreciate all of the features Google has packed into the latest Android release.

Funny enough, it looks more iOS like and Apple is carefully trying to become more open about things. Hey there, thanks a lot for the detailed comment! I do think that Marshmallow and Nougat are fantastic. Yes, the bloatware and weird UIs that are slapped on top of stock Android can get in the way for some people.

I would also agree that it seems that Apple is trying to become more open about things. I am an apple user. However, I will give props where it is due. Even I will admit that androids are better than iPhones.

Awesome article! I have opportunity and need to use two phones simultaneously. So I use an iPhone 6 Plus and a galaxy note 5. My observations- Android allows very useful customisation.. For example I can have a widget showing scrollable list of all tasks for next week or my gmail inbox or whole month view of my calendar right on my home screen.

What about smart dialling in android? Start punching letters on dialling pad and android comes out with matching names or numbers n I can call straightaway. In my recent tour I used my note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus for similar pics. When zoomed in n saw on my MacBook, note 4 always had better details in pics. What about voice dialling and searching web? Google gets it right most of the times. What about back button and ability to close all background apps in one click! Google maps r better than Apple maps n feels better on android But I agree iPhone is better in many areas — software updates r available to all iPhones fast.

But I see that android is more imaginative n creative and brings out more innovations. Ok so I have a galaxy s5 aswell and I never knew my phone was this awesomazing. Thx for the facts because now I can hold my ground against android haters. What about Android phones. Three or four apps are running and the phone starts slowing down lagging.

For the fact that Android is an universal system for many brands, it can not be as light as iOS made just for one brand. I totally agree with this article!! Hardware skyrockets Android off the charts and leaves Apple in the dust. Although I am an iPhone user, I absolutely love the android layout and customization. Cause we know nothing about phones and want to use our time studying something other than the phone itself.

But it looks like true productivity requires the investment of self-education TIME — how-to-use-your-phone study time. Can you really not do that at all in an iPhone? Thanks for a great article. Thanks so much for making it seem a little less impossible. I have some hope. Apple and samsung have their fights and all. But please gold samsung? Not a total hater but i do agree on the durability. I knew little about android phones, so iOS was a king for me, because it took care of all my personal things. Thanks for that. I accept everything about android over iOS. But what I felt is, android got many things than ios but iPhone is the only phone that has only useful things.

Anyway I am a first time android user and I picked up the best android phone in the market to check it out. So what I got is iPhone is more personal. It makes me feel like it is my personal assistant or something. Everything from our health to schedule to the smooth interface without any lags, I prefer iPhone in many cases.

I think iPhone too has some small customization like moving the icons and all. No where should they get difficult in doing something with their phone. But with every android phones, it will start lagging after some months. I use my iPhone 6 more than I use my S6 only for showing off to my friends. For me, after using these two phones, Apple is the only company that thinks for the easiness of people.

Thanks for your detailed response Mohammed! There are definitely customizations here and there on various phones that some users might really like, and some users might not use at all. Definitely an advantage for the Apple side of things there. Hey Zac! I have to admit I laughed when I read your comment. Yeah the article I referred to about why Apple is better than Android was very poorly stated in my opinion which is the reason I wrote this article.

I appreciate the feedback! I am writing a report on ios vs android at school and this has helped a ton. I am a HUGE apple hater and this has lots of great info. I was just wondering if you can give any info to cite this source. Hey Jayden. Glad to hear it helped you out! Are you just wondering how you could cite this article in a school report? There is one major difference I saw when I changed the phone to Iphone from android. I just dont have to save a not so important number, but when I get a call from that same number 6 months later, Its easy to recollect the conversations.

I miss that so much and that is probably why I am going to change it back to Android. Another one is the swype type keyboard, Its addictive once you get used to it. Interesting observation, thanks for sharing! No android can match its quality. Great hardware with simple software.

Love androids way better than iphones have had two iphones but were not all that great and plus some apple chargers get destroyed to easily so android over iphone anyday. ONE point that I will have to say is this, I am a stay at home mom and therefore I use my laptop for any and all things related to the Web.

So would it be worth it to try the iPhone for my reason of originally wanting to change — FaceTime. FaceTime is an interesting topic to bring up. I sold my note 4 out of disappointment, idk how to say it but i agree with that guy who said you feel cluttered with your android. Less i care about stupid quadcore nor exynos. Its the experience that really matters. IOS is the real buttery smooth in all areas. East went nwrth south android ok is best n will be the best. Talk to my hands apple blahh blahh blahh. Eat that.

Much cleaner. I also like how an android phone can be used as a storage device and how I can also run pirated shit on my phone. Omg I totally agree…I have been using an android phone since the droids came out…well on my service plan I had an option to upgrade and I did.. I see why droids are call smart phone because they are just so much smarter…I hate the back button on iPhone..

So I have to download a third party app just to get my files.. I love the physical back button on an Android phone as well! That was going to be one of my reasons listed in the blog post, but I decided against it. But, definitely an advantage in my opinion being able to hit a physical back button rather than doing all your navigating through on-screen arrows like on an iPhone. I kinda agree but the android is more of a PC rather than an xbox since PCs offer more freedom than consoles. But then again, the initial price of a PC is like that of the iPad Pro in its release.

I agree that androids had the superior hardware. They had better specs, customization and less limits. The iPhone 6 takes half of ram to do things that the s5 does and sometimes it does it even better since androids had the nasty habit of crashing new apps B. The Note 8 has dual stabilized lenses, and while they aren't jumpy and jittery, you can see the frame shake as you take steps while walking, an effect absent in the 8 Plus' wide camera.

The 8 Plus is definitely using some digital stabilization to steady its 2x lens footage so it's not jittery, but it's not as smooth as any of the optical options, and you can see some unnatural motion that's a result of the digital stabilization. The iPhone X's secondary lens does boast optical stabilization, and it looks to be as effective as the main camera. If you're big into video and want stabilized footage from both lenses, the X is the phone to get. In addition to standard video capture, the iPhone will auto-edit videos on demand, highlighting photos and moments from a certain time period.

I tried it out. It made some weird choices. It mixed up a few portraits of staff members with lots of images from our camera test scene, and omitted everything I shot in the botanical gardens. I guess it likes people and test charts more than flowers. If you use your phone to take more typical photos, it'll hopefully do a better job. The iPhone also shoots what Apple calls Live Photos. They're a mix of a second or so of video leading up to your shot, followed by the image itself. It's a neat concept—Nikon did a similar thing with its failed series of Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras. But if you don't see yourself sharing these types of clips you might want to turn the feature off, as it takes up more space than a standard photo.

If you're shopping for an iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8, you can disregard this section. We're going to talk about what the dual lenses in the 8 Plus, X, and Note 8 bring to the table. In addition to a tighter field of view when shooting photos, they both use depth information delivered by the cameras to map scenes and simulate the out-of-focus blur, also known as bokeh, associated with wide aperture lenses and big image sensors.

They do it a bit differently. Apple doesn't let you adjust the amount of background blur, while Samsung does, but iPhone 8 Plus owners have specialized lighting effects that can be applied to images, whereas you don't get that with the Note 8. If you buy an iPhone X you'll be able to do all the bokeh and lighting tricks that you can with the 8 Plus's rear camera, but with the front camera as well. On the iPhone it's called Portrait Mode, although it works when holding the phone in landscape orientation and you certainly aren't limited to photographing people.

Samsung calls its version Live Focus. Both require you to be a few feet away from your subject to work, and both allow for adjustments to the image and effect after capture—think of it as a Lytro camera, but with much better image quality. The results are above. You'll notice that the shots aren't labeled. See if you can tell the difference between the phones and pro SLR. Running from left to right, we have the Note 8, the Canon, and finally the iPhone.

The wood railing behind our subject isn't quite as blurred in the Galaxy shot, but the building in the background is blurred with aplomb. The field of view is slightly different with the Note 8, despite all three shots being captured from the same position with a similar pose. That's because the Note's main camera is a little bit wider than the iPhone's. The iPhone didn't do a good job with Chandra's hair.

The top of her head is slightly cut off, and there's a more noticeable cutout at the camera left side of her head. A close look at the images below tells the tale. The iPhone's algorithm is getting thrown off by some individual hairs at the top of the head, as well as bit of the building behind Chandra that isn't fully illuminated by the setting sun. The image on the far left is the non-portrait iPhone shot you can toggle the effect after an image has been captured , with the iPhone's Natural Light portrait shot in the middle, and, for comparison, the Note 8's take on the portrait on the right.

That's not to say that Samsung's algorithm is perfect; it can definitely get tricked up. But at press time, it appears to have a bit of an edge when it comes to mapping humans. I also took both phones to brunch, followed by a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens, to see how their bokeh modes handled two popular Instagram subjects—food and flowers. When it comes to eggs benedict, both phones do an admirable, Instagram-worthy job. The iPhone underexposes a bit in shady lighting, but that's something you can easily fix after the fact, it's not significantly dim. It handles this background well, with soft, feathered blur, and I don't see any problems with the mapping of the subject itself.

The Note 8 doesn't deliver as much blur, even at its most extreme setting, but out-of-focus highlights are pretty good, they just don't have the same feathered look as you get with the iPhone. At the gardens I nabbed shots with both phones that would fool veteran photographers at Instagram sizes. Both did an excellent job mapping a lotus that was part of an outdoor water garden exhibit. But when it came to shooting a bird-of-paradise, the iPhone managed to get the proper amount of background blur, while the Note 8 shows a bit too much in focus behind the flower, even with the blur set to its maximum level.

I'm thinking the wider wide-angle lens is in play here. For this particular image, shot indoors under skylights, Samsung's colors are warmer and more pleasing to the eye, but again, it's easy to warm a photo to taste, either using the iOS Photos app or the editing software of your choosing. Both phones failed big time when it came to capturing a swirling fiddlehead fern plant. The Note 8 struggled to map it and I only managed a couple of blurry shots that were the camera's attempt at blurring the background the wide-angle shots, which the Note 8 also saves, are sharply focused.

The iPhone picked up on certain parts of the plant, but did a poor job of deciding what should be in focus and what is blurred. Right now, both phones have plusses and minuses when it comes to bokeh simulation. The iPhone 8 Plus sometimes struggles mapping hair when photographing people, while the Note 8 steps up and does a solid job. But for other shots, especially those when the background is not far off in the distance, the iPhone draws the out-of-focus area with a blurrier, more pleasing feathered look. Both fail the fiddlehead fern test, but let's be honest, it's a weirdly shaped plant.

Because the portrait effect relies so heavily on software processing, there's a good chance we'll see improvements in both camps as software updates roll out from Apple and Samsung. Remember that with both phones, shooting for shallow depth of field isn't the most candid process. It takes longer to focus and map a scene than it does with a single lens, so if you want to get photos of your toddler running around that look like they were shot with a big-sensor camera, you'll still need to get a camera with a big sensor. Point-and-shoots with 1-inch sensors, like the Sony RX III , do this quite well and fit in your pocket, and there are a wealth of options in the mirrorless and SLR world if you're willing to deal with a larger interchangeable lens model.

Let's talk about the marquee addition to the iPhone's portrait mode, absent completely from the Samsung side of the fence. Portrait Lighting, still in beta, is exclusive to the iPhone 8 Plus and X. The tool adds a new dimension to your portrait shots, allowing you to change the lighting on your subject's face, or spotlight them against a black background, the latter with tuned modes for color or black-and-white photography. The default setting, Natural, is what we've seen before in the 7 Plus.

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