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Some counter surveillance tools are also equipped the help users locate the surveillance device and disable it in order to restore privacy. Bug detectors are an essential tool in minimizing unwanted surveillance and ensuring personal privacy. Stealthily sweep an area in seconds to detect hidden devices with this portable wand.

A highly portable professional grade RF detector able to detect discreetly with silent alerts.

WhatsApp discovers 'targeted' surveillance attack

Portable and durable surveillance detection with discreet alert modes. Detects bugs using three unique registers with an easy-to-read histogram.

All-in-one tool will alert you to unauthorized transmissions, even disrupts potential listening devices. Semi Directional Antenna allows you appropriately identify the area the device signal is coming from. Get the best reliability when sweeping for transmitting wireless bugs or GPS trackers.

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Designed to pinpoint the RF frequencies used in hidden surveillance. Compact handheld RF signal detector switches between analog and digital modes. This device operates as both an RF frequency detector, securing against wireless cameras and listening devices as well as GPS trackers, and a phone tap detector to warn you in case of phone bugging.

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Show All Products. Home Counter Surveillance Bug Detectors. Sort By. For example, this audio bug complete with SIM card hides in a USB to micro-USB cord, drawing power any time the cord is plugged in, while listening to everything around it. Once you've completed a thorough visual and physical inspection, you can use a variety of scanning tools to conduct a more advanced check. Truly spy-grade bugs often incorporate mechanisms to try to defeat scanners, so you'll have more success if you conduct multiple types of sweeps than if you rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.

Now turn off all wireless devices; not just laptops and smartphones but routers, set-top boxes, and that connected refrigerator that seemed like a good idea at the time. Then use a radiofrequency detector from a surveillance product seller—or even Amazon—to scan for transmitters by moving the instrument slowly and methodically around the space. You can also check your clothes and your bags for things like GPS-tracking bugs this way. Some devices show a visual graph of activity, while others make a sound that gets louder as you get closer to an RF-emitting source.

How to Find Spy Devices in Your Home, Car, Cell Phone, or Computer

Anything broadcasting a radio signal will pop up. Commercial bugs usually fall in the 10 MHz to 8 MHz range, but some sweeping devices look at 10 hertz all the way to 24 GHz.

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  • Reliable instruments that can scan a broad RF range cost hundreds of dollars, but depending on your situation you could opt for cheaper models. And, if you're really worried that you'll miss a bug that you know is somewhere in the room, you can use a white noise machine—or a white noise app on your smartphone—or audio jammer to stymie prying ears.

    Some bugs obfuscate their radio frequencies altogether, or might happen to be powered off during your sweep. To identify those, use a device called a "nonlinear junction detector," which helps sniff out semiconductor electronics. Benign objects—even a nail in a wall—can create false positives, though, so carefully vet whatever turns up. Remember, too, that snoops aren't just listening; sometimes they watch as well.

    You can also use IR and visible light emitters even a flashlight to scan for the glint of camera lenses reflecting light back.

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    Bugs always need a way to deliver the data they're gathering to their owners, so deep bug sweeps should go beyond regular electronics detection to scan for laser beam and microwave transmission setups. These rigs can encode and send data out of a room to an attacker without using traditional methods.

    Radiofrequency scanners with a wide enough range check for microwaves, and many general-purpose antisurveillance tools feature laser-detection modes. Sweeps also shouldn't be one-off occasions. Record your results, especially if you don't find anything suspicious, so you can establish a baseline that will help you compare readings over time and detect anomalies down the road. It takes Jim Hopper from Stranger Things a long time to tear his house apart looking for government bugs spoiler: the mic is in an overhead light. And that's in , when there weren't a lot of electronics to check. If the process seems daunting or too pricey to undertake alone, there are always professional services who can sweep for you.

    There's a lot you can do yourself, though, before things get too expensive and complicated. Besides, if you're in that deep, there might not be anyone left you can trust except yourself. More Tips for Superspies : After you sweep for bugs, remove the mic from your devices and dive down the paranoia rabbithole.


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    Consider Yourself a Target, Too : Encrypt everything , sign up for Google Advanced Protection , take a tour of Tor , and deploy physical measures to increase your digital security. Advice for Regular Users the Hackers Are Still Circling : Master passwords , lock down your smartphone , keep yourself secure from phishers , know how to deal with getting doxed , and, if you have kids, keep them safe online.

    Virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa can be amazing but what are they doing with all of your questions?