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Is he really at the office, or is he having dinner somewhere else? Your kids tell you that they are staying late with friends to study for their test. Are they really there, or did they go somewhere else without letting you know? You can now find out where they are, at anytime, as long as they have their iPhones, iPads or Android phones with them internet access is required.

The design element is hinging on simplicity.

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The good thing is that even if you have too many friends on your radar, you will still be able to get hold of their locations, without messing up. The setup for privacy is also not jumbled up to make things really simple. The setup options are pretty easy to understand without any sophistication involved. Privacy is one of the main concerns in downloading a location tracking mobile app.

Google has provided enough privacy controls to ensure that you only share that much privacy with the users which is necessarily required. You can set your location to city wide to ensure that your friends do not know your exact location but your proximate availability in a particular city.

You can also choose to block background updates; this will help you save battery life. Lastly, you can also choose not to share your location with anyone at all.

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The app is free so there are supposed to be no refunds. As for the guarantees, you can see the terms and conditions that we always agree to once we use to any application or software. With Foursquare you are able to check-in to all the spots that are visible on the map for your area.

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However that makes it possible to check-in to a spot fairly far away from your actual location. However, you need internet coverage in order to check-in. We are a bit skeptical to the concept of check-ins, but a lot of people seem to enjoy it on Facebook. The design is pretty cool and yet functional, it definitely has a juvenile touch to it, targeting the teenage audience. The Bottom Line: If you want to locate your friends that also have an iPhone 3Gs or better, this app is for you.

Apple says: Find My Friends enables you to locate iOS devices only when they are on and connected to a registered Wi-Fi network or have an active data plan. Translation: You need internet coverage such as Wi-Fi or 3G coverage for the app to work. Some features require a Wi-Fi connection. Some features are not available in all countries. Access to some services is limited to 10 devices.

Translation: You need a new Apple device to use this service, so go and buy a new one if you still have one of our early devices. We found that Find my Friends delivered really good accuracy of about meters during our tests with full 3G coverage and a fairly good Wi-Fi access. According to an article at the Apple Insider in March Apple is currently working on improving the privacy with variable location precision. This app works in other countries even if you have Data roaming turned off but have access to WiFi.

On the other hand this is typical for Apple. Simple and elegant application. Works with the phones notifications, the person invited gets a notification directly in the phone and can accept directly. This app is also compatible with Siri on the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

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Apple has probably chosen leather and stitching to make it look friendlier and warmer contrary to the clean and stiff design as their normally use. All your information needed for this app is already registered to Apple. Fairly good, the app uses the GPS of the iPhone. You can also choose what accuracy you want to list your position as.

https://lapelagenra.tk/mark-steels-in-town.php When you choose an accuracy of meters for example the circle around gets bigger, though you can still zoom in on the center. The icon gets smaller and therefore shows the exact location anyway, a programming fault that makes the accuracy setting useless. Looks really good and professional; it looks like the developers have spent a lot of time and money developing this app.

Big plus for that.

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The homepage looks a lot better than the personal page which looks very much like a BETA version compared to the rest of the app. It ruins the look and feel of the rest of the app. Note these are three different apps on App store, however they all look the same under the hood and the same activation code works for all. Though I only received a code from 2 of them same code. Then if you like to see a friend they have to send you their registration code in order for you to see them.

Pretty weird. Doubtful if it works for anyone for that fact. Extremely bad test-version, not willing to spend my money on this one.

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