Now you have the power to record EVERYTHING they do!

Email See every email sent and received on all major email programs, including webmail.

This keystroke logger feature provides a reader-friendly version of all keystrokes logged along with the raw keylogging activity so you can see every detail. Instant Messages View sent and received messages from all major messaging programs and web-based chat, including Facebook Messenger. Know exactly what your kids are looking at online.

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Continuous Screenshots Video-style playback of screenshots for programs and websites selected by you. For example, watch an email as it's being typed. Alert Word Highlights All alert words selected by you will be highlighted across all recorded data types. For example, if the word "alcohol" appears in an email, you will see it highlighted in yellow in the body of that email. Program Blocking Block any program.

Easy setup, block from a list of programs, either permanently or on a time based schedule.

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Some monitoring services require this, but it would void your warranty and possibly render the device itself useless. All communication that passes through the device will be logged. The software will not record phone calls, as that would constitute an illegal wiretap. Every app used on the device will be visible in a report.

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You will also be able to see the location of the device on a map. How it Works. Signup Signup from any device or call us and it will be waiting in your online account. Download it when convenient on the device you are authorized to monitor in 5 minutes or less. Record Activity WebWatcher for PC begins monitoring and recording all historical activity discreetly and then sends it to your secure online account. View Remotely Log into your WebWatcher account from any device to see all recorded data at your convenience from our intuitive web interface.

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See all activity organized in your online WebWatcher account. WebWatcher sets the bar with its award-winning parental monitoring software.

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  • Our free parental internet monitoring software helps you keep track of:.

To ensure proper use, we require that the user has both physical and password access. Frequently Asked Questions. Refunds will not be issued if the target device uses an unsupported operating system that is NOT listed above. See Refund Policy. There are a few types of widgets: image, text, time, and limiting widget.

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You can set your own limits for Facebook use, Internet use, and computer use. Simply double-click the limiting widget, select the targeting widget to limit, and set your value. Infobar : WorkTime Personal Free offers lots of information on how to properly organize your working place, how to exercise right on your working chair for better posture, better blood circulation, better productivity after all.

You can have a glimpse at various techniques and recommendations on improving your inner condition, your physical health, and your social life. If you feel like suggesting more information for WorkTime Personal Free infobar, simply contact us. WorkTime Personal is absolutely free Internet monitoring software. It monitors how much time is being spend in the Internet during the day, during the week, hourly and daily. The software warns if the allowed Internet use limit is crossed.

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The software also offers free social network websites use monitoring Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. It monitors how much time you spend using your computer during the day, during the week, hourly and daily. The software warns if the allowed computer use limit is crossed. Comprehensive time tracking reports display how long, how exactly, and when your computer is being in use.

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WorkTime Personal is a free software use monitoring application. It monitors how much time is being spend using various software during the day, during the week, hourly and daily. There is special functionality, dedicated to monitor how much time is being spent playing games. The software warns if the allowed play games limit is crossed. Why Free? Download Easy to install, no need in admin rights. Quick Start 1. Need Assistance? All rights reserved. WorkTime is a registered trademark of NesterSoft Inc.