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Throughout its rise to domestic dominance, Huawei has also thrived in international markets by offering its products at a significant discount compared to its competitors. Today, Huawei controls 29 percent of the global telecom equipment market. And in its focus on turning research into marketable products, Huawei compares favorably to Cisco and Google, said Henning Schulzrinne, the former chief technologist at the U.

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Federal Communications Commission. Huawei is also vertically integrated. By designing chipsets and the handsets they talk to, experts argue, Huawei may have an edge in getting 5G products to market more quickly. When 3G and 4G networks were being built, Huawei was playing catch-up to its established rivals, licensing much of their technology.

They had invested a lot of money into what were then cutting-edge technologies and sought to squeeze the most they could out of them rather than racing ahead to the next stage, making their own developments obsolete. At the same time, they felt they had little to fear from what was then regarded as a nonthreatening Chinese firm.

Now, the situation is reversed. Huawei has more 5G-related patents than any other firm, according to IPlytics, a German-based company that tracks intellectual property development. That means other companies will have to pay Huawei to use key bits of 5G technology. Partly as a result of that technological arsenal, Huawei has been able to shape the rules of the road for 5G in a way it never could with earlier mobile technologies.

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Huawei has been able to shape the rules of the road for 5G in a way it never could with earlier mobile technologies. Over the past few years, telecoms engineers have regularly gathered every few months to hash out the evolving technical standards that will govern all aspects of 5G.

And Huawei has simply flooded the zone, sending more engineers to those meetings than any other telecoms company and making more technical contributions to the still-evolving standard than anyone else, IPlytics found. Along the way, Huawei has notched an ever-growing tally of technical breakthroughs that no other single company has matched. It has field-tested its 5G technology in lower frequencies good for coverage and higher frequencies better for high data speeds. Earlier this year, it debuted its own, in-house-designed chipset and devices that will make 5G a reality.

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Huawei says it currently has 30 contracts to build 5G networks around the world, with dozens of other countries close to signing on. With a Chinese company building the network through which huge volumes of data—phone calls, emails, and business transactions—will flow across the globe, U. For decades, U. Consolidation and mergers in the telecommunications industry have made European, not American, companies the leading Western makers of the boxes, antennas, and beam-generating equipment that will serve as the backbone of 5G technology.

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As a result of these fears, Washington has essentially banned Huawei equipment inside the United States. She is currently fighting extradition to the United States from Canada. But Washington may be fighting a losing battle in frantically trying to get its Western allies to swear off Huawei as well. So dominant has Huawei already become in building telecom networks globally and vying to set the world standard for 5G that the Trump administration finds itself somewhat isolated, even among its closest allies.

Despite U. The reason is simple: For many European countries that already use Huawei equipment in their 4G networks, it would be costly to switch horses in midstream. Washington has never publicly presented evidence backing up its assertions that Huawei equipment plays a role in Chinese espionage operations, and there are doubts that it has shared much evidence in private either.

With the American campaign faltering, U. Huawei executives argue the U. It is a claim China experts find laughable. To satisfy the demands of law enforcement, telecommunications networks are typically built to enable some type of wiretapping function.

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The Snowden disclosures exposed how American companies were forced to cooperate with U. At the same time, many experts say security fears singling out Huawei equipment are overblown, as nearly all the big telecom equipment makers use Chinese factories to churn out their components. That line of thinking has Huawei officials asking Washington to have another look at its technology. The U. Experts are also still debating whether Huawei is as dominant as some officials in Washington fear. Some telecoms executives with experience operating Huawei alongside equipment made by other manufacturers say that it has established the lead, especially in the bread-and-butter technology of transmitting large amounts of data through radio networks.

Engineering task forces are still determining the standards—the technical language different devices will use to talk to one another and exchange data.

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That means determining who is ahead in the market is more art than science. The previous shift in mobile communications technology—from 3G to 4G and beyond—powered the creation of the current app-based technology. But that transition was more an evolution than a revolution; 5G, while building on existing cellular technologies, represents a breakthrough in the amount of data that can be transmitted, and especially its speed and reliability.

These improvements in speed and reliability are required for the kinds of innovations that technology executives tout as the next phase of the internet revolution. For self-driving cars to become a reality, they will require reliable high-bandwidth connections and near-instantaneous data transmission to be able to react to changing road conditions in milliseconds.

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Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning likewise require huge datasets to function as intended. And whether Huawei is a year ahead of its peers, or a few months ahead, or roughly at the same level may not be the biggest question. Indeed, as countries around the world scramble to start building advanced telecoms networks, and despite the U. To achieve that, the interface must be simple, enjoyable and consistent. These three factors must be present concurrently so as not to break the immersion. The EMUI 9. It takes a two-pronged approach: by reducing the number of items in the Settings menu, and adding an Advanced Tab to stow the more complicated configurations.

Compared to its predecessor, EMUI 9. Various items have also been moved for better categorization. Furthermore, by moving the advanced options to a dedicated tab, everyday users are treated to a simpler menu while advanced users retain their ability to make granular changes to their devices. Huawei standardized the designs and features of the EMUI to ensure the OS delivers the most visually and functionally consistent experience. Features that are similar in nature—such as Timer, Clock and Compass—have been redesigned following the same design language to provide the most cohesive and intuitive user experience.

With apps running faster and navigation simplified, every interaction is a joy on EMUI 9. Huawei designed EMUI 9. The new interface features optimized placements of navigation buttons that significantly improve single-hand usability. For instance, the navigation bar of Gallery has been moved to the bottom of the screen, allowing users to easily browse between Photos, Albums, Highlights and Discover tabs with the thumb of the hand holding the device.

Apart from that EMUI 9. For EMUI 9. Users running EMUI 9. They include Password Vault, a feature that securely stores user passwords locally, as well as digital wellbeing features such as Digital Balance for monitoring usage, App Limits to set time limits for various apps, and Wind Down, which turns the screen gray during sleeping hours.

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