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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is it now possible to spy on other person's iPhone using microphone?

Ask Question. Asked 10 months ago. Active 10 months ago. Viewed 2k times. So I wonder: How does the app do this?

1. Is Live Listen a 'surveillance device'?

RealNmae RealNmae 4 4 bronze badges. Apple does not provide a way to secretly listen to another device From reading their product page description , the 'listening' is done using a chat application or Messages.

I didn't say there was no consent. But consent can be faked.

Use Made for iPhone hearing aids

There is no notification or other interface sign, at least when the screen is off. The other party installs the "Chat with parents" and grants microphone permission. As soon as he did it, he can turn off the screen and has no idea if he is beeing listened to. Anyone with your device can install this app on your phone and spy on you. I tested it this morning. It should say "Live Listen On.

How to make your AirPods and iPhone into a Live Listening system | iMore

To get clear audio in your AirPods, simply point the bottom of your iPhone at the source of the sound. You can't get too far away from your phone, because the sound is transmitted through Bluetooth. Be responsible!

How To Use Live Listen On Your iOS Device (Listen To Conversations From iPhone) - Spy Using AirPods

Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten. Der Artikel wurde versandt. A hidden trick for turning your iPhone and AirPods into a spy microphone is going viral. Here's what the feature is really about. Kif Leswing , Business Insider. A recently introduced feature for iPhones and Kif Leswing. It enables a person to use an iPhone's microphone to listen in to conversations wirelessly through AirPods.

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Get help if you don't see Live Listen Make sure that your hearing device is connected to your iPhone. You might need to pair or reconnect your hearing device. Make sure that your hearing device appears in the device selection area of the playback controls in Control Center. Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Start a Discussion in Apple Support Communities.