Man Finds Skid-Marked Underpants in His UberEats Order

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And it happened. Her underwear started singing.

Vibrating Panties Prank On Girlfriend!

Just take a second to picture this scenario. She tried her best to play it off. Honestly, the ringtone excuse was pretty smart. She ran into the bathroom and ripped the offending underwear off.

But for real, this story is wrecking me. And that was the end of that pair of underwear. This story makes me want to curl up in a corner. At least she can laugh at it now, though.

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Kudos to this woman for sharing her story! She closed her story with a message for the ex-boyfriend. Like, seriously.

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Because this is the Internet, there were plenty of people who doubted the story. Plenty of people asked why she didn't realize the underwear sang. Also, it's not like the underwear had gigantic speakers attached to them.

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Although they did have oddly thick seams, apparently. This person had a pretty good point:. Regardless, you'll never be able to hear the song the same way again. Luckily, this whole thing went down when cell phones were around.

Property of My Wife Underwear

People started sharing their own stories of unfortunately musical clothing. And this woman had her own embarrassing underwear story:. She asked her husband to pack her a bag. The underwear were black Overall, Twitter was thrilled with the thread of embarassing underwear stories. He sent some texts to a woman and then did a selfie in his pants which he also sent to her. Danny and Jo married in September at a country hotel in Hampshire.


The couple had dated for 24 years and are parents to three children — Love Island star Dani Dyer, daughter Sunnie and son Artie. Opening up about their wedding day to Hello!

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  • WATCH: Woman stands in her underwear on Cork’s Patrick Street to protest victim blaming.
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