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Originally Posted by redmonke There is software that does this but it must be loaded on the spied on phone.

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Check out some of their videos, it's not even about their so called software. Like 1. Originally Posted by phillyd2. Originally Posted by serbanescu. Yes, I am of the same opinion, the OP is most probably spamming. Well yeah but that's not the story the OP is trying to sell. I helped someone out with a similar issue. Verizon has a feature that an account holder that can be activated on all phones on the acct holders name. This app tracked location GPS realtime with email updates, not sure if this is what's being done to you.

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If you both are on the same account and you have access call the carrier and have it removed. If not I'd confront the subject or think about moving on. This happened to someone I know. Turn off the radio on your phone. I believe that stops it.

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Please, stop BlackBerry - Help Channel. Wipe the device and re-install the latest back up that you know positively for sure this was not happening at the time.

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You may loose some of your most recent data, but restoring from a recent back up may just re-introduce the issue. After your device is straight again, tell him to kick rocks Originally Posted by 93Aero.

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Besides the main features such as tracking SMS messages, web browser history, calls you will get some special features. It provides many advanced technology features in a single surveillance application. And it is the best proposition which is available on the market. Top Spying Apps. Mobile Spy It is the hacking application which is proud to announce the opportunity to hack BlackBerry phones one of the first on the market.

My issue specifically is that images and audio clips do not attach to the emails they send out properly. Unfortunately I have sent a number of emails to customer service to see what I am doing wrong They suggest you use gmail, so I opened a gmail account and still not working properly. Perhaps someone can assist? I've gone through the google chrome decoding garbled messages but this doesn't work either Read reply 1.

I am having the same problem. Did you ever figure out how to fix this? I have tried hotmail, gmail, yahoo, and my work address. They either don't come through or come as you have described.

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Any help would be appreciated! Thank you. Works perfect as described, at first I thought it was a scam and this wouldnt be possible but it really is. I get to see everything on the families blackberry phones - calls, locations, mesgs everything. I had to read a manual to get some features to work but after that it was smooth sailing.

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I had other spy softwares for PC so this was new to me spying on blackberry cell phone but it works great so I am glad I found this, so many software is not made for Blackberry these days so this is great. I have had the most awful time trying to get a human response from trackwary support no matter what question I ask they come back with the samed canned response "check your defaults and permissions" I believe they have a computer answering their support questions.

I've asked trackwary this question at least a dozen times and I can never get anyone to simply asnwer my question I 'm so angry right now because I've spent money for something I can not get any support on Another thing I hope someone out there can help me with my questions because trackwary sure is not!!!! I must admit this was easier than I expected - I use it to track my teenage son and it is undetectable.

Overall I am very happy I got this software. I can see why this is the software featured on fox news channel. Trackwary has more features than any Blackberry spy software.

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I was very happy when this actually worked. I was skeptical at first but very happy when it actually worked Am now able to see where the blackberry is at all times and even listen in to it : good stuff. I bought the PRO.. I am not sure what I might be doing wrong or overlooking. BUT I recieve no call join option..